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    So, the Buran is the new ship I’ve been waiting for.  I almost got the Gagarin yesterday after Paradoxical’s build post but then didn’t.  And today this comes along.  I’ve been wanting a new ship with a hanger bay and a new ship with a cool new weapon and I always need help with turn rate and hull but I don’t have a lot of cash to spend but I do have some ZEN sitting in the bank.  So far I also have avoided starting a non human character but the Wednesday crew have me considering a Klingon.

    What to do, what to do?  Then bam this shows up.  2 ships, 1 fed 1 Klingon and a fleet module and 5 master keys for 4000 Zen!  I know some people hate the 4 nacelles but I like the looks of this ship.


    Paradoxical, Marcase and Nubia I hope you are ready for a new project child.  I will need lots of help.  Please and thank you.

    How do you spell Dirk in Klingon?  Or Thraxinn?

    If this is a huge mistake please tell me.  I’m done now.

    Dirk/Thraxin out.


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    I think I’ll (somewhat) join you. The fleet variant of the Buran (awful name, but hey) has my ears pricked. No bundle for me as I’m very happy with my D7, KDF-side and the Qoj (who thinks these names up?) looks a tad poopants to my aged eyes.

    Para’s Gagarin build is a guddun, for sure… and it’s undoubtedly a fine ship. I have to admit though – speaking completely personally – that my likes for the Gagarin have faded somewhat with use. It impressed me greatly, on paper. Since release, I’ve tanked it up and given it some deeps and flown it on multiple fed/rom-toons in various guises and while it’s great in the averages (which means decent survivability and dps, predominantly) I haven’t got it to do anything better than average… if that makes sense. That may well be down entirely to dullard me but overall it feels a little… uninspiring… to me.

    The fact that the Buran (that name will never grow on me) has ‘Attract Fire’ at least allows it to be tasked more fully as a tank… which might help it to be better than average, or excellent, in that role. So I’ll give it a go, for sure… and see how it stacks up against the Presidio.

    And the fleet is jam-packed with peeps that’ll help, as you know 🙂

    aka @Nubia


    It is true that the gregarin hangs in the room of mediocrity. It’s not going to top any dps charts, it has the lack of good tac seating. In the right hands and setup (rom tac with crit for days), it can do very very well dps wise, especially with the extra console in the fleet version.

    Sure there are better tanks, but with the level 5 trait it has, not having attract fire is mitgated. 100% uptime on FAW helps a whole lot and x2 Torp spreads do as well.

    In summary, there are better tanks and there are better dps cruisers as well. But the gregarin is a wonderful mash of the two and makes for a supremely balanced ship.

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    I like the look of the ship especially with  the Buran skin, the KDF ship is just blah looking, I really dunno what they were thinking/smoking when they designed these disco klink ships, none of them look Klingon and look like they were designed for Stargate or Farscape or something else.

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    Not going to top any DPS charts. Sure there are better tanks.

    I think I said that 🙂

    Not suited to sci… and not suited wholly to tac or eng roles… but great in the averages. A fine ship. Yep.

    The trait though, is (I agree) proving to be a valuable one… and brings plenty of benefits to particular builds… so slotting it on a more capable, less average ship (with attract fire, say) and you’re cooking with gas, surely!

    I really wanted to like the Gagarin. I really did. Like it enough to fly, I mean… rather than build/park/dock after stealing the trait.

    That being said, it’s all (mostly) subjective at the end of the day and if we all flew the same ship, t’would be boring.

    We’ll see how the fleet Buran (still hate that name) compares and pans out. Soon, too!

    aka @Nubia


    What I found over time is that my newest shiny ships always get parked in the hangar after the next newest shiny one is released, but the good ones always get taken out again once a new trait/console/rep combo sees the light. I’m always rummaging with builds and trying out different combos is the fun part for me, and that includes trying out (weird) setups on older ships. I hated the massive Vonph when I initially got it, but now it’s one of my favorite fun ships just because a few new traits and consoles made it a hilarous jumper/spammer.

    I expect it’ll be the same for the Buran. I like the lines of it, and even though it’s ‘wrong’ and goes against Roddenberry’s original design rules, I like the 4 nacelles (like an X-wing on steroids).

    I was always on the fence regarding the Gagarin, since I already have a few ships that are in the same class – solid “Jack of all dps/tank trades” – but the Buran has my inner Space Barbie tickled. I still have a bucket of Reputation Fleet Ship Modules leftover, so I’ll prob pick up a fleet one for a Fed Tac or Eng. If I like it enough I’ll pick up the zen T6 one.

    I also don’t like the KDF version – the whole Disco era KDF designs just don’t appeal to me.

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    I love the idea of trying out new ship builds and all, but how do you guys handle the lack of easy way to retrain your character spec? Or is this mainly with alts?

    aka @rathemagius


    I use one captain spec tree linked to its career, eg sci toons will have a sci geared spec tree. A few have a balanced ‘general purpose’ spec tree which is a solid choice for any build, be it for an escort or cruiser.

    To be fair, STO is very forgiving so you only have to put effort in your spec tree and reputation if you really want to min-max.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    Well new as I am, engineer by choice, and still going out in advanced TFOs with mission gear and lvl12 stuff (plus some consoles I got from the T6 cruiser pack, which btw, I love) it’s obvious I’m into tanks.

    And this ships look great for that. I got the bundle…because in effect those are 3 ships. The fed one and the component for the fleet version (plus some keys so hey not complaining). And the klingon one which I hate how it looks but a tank with battlecloak? ooooooooh yeah, might even begin a klingon character just for that one. Ugly as it looks.

    So far I can say that the fed ones are great tanks indeed (At least at the budget level I’m running). That console is much better than what it seems for tanking with MkXII weapons – 500% aggro with threatening stance on DOES pull a lot of fire. the hangar pets are pretty decent (I think, not that I have a lot of experience with pets thus far so hey, there’s that), the ship has a crapload of hitpoints, you can drop gravity wells (always nice in a tank), and I don’t care the lack of anything beyond leutenant in tactical. The downside is that turnrate. It truly stinks, and I’m still working for my r&d lvl15 in engineer to get the RCS console which I guess will help a lot but obviously right now it doesn’t XD.

    aka @ramjb#3492


    If you need an RCS console we can craft it for you 😉

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

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    I’ve seen for how much those things go in the exchange, and I’m very reluctant to ask for something that expensive…but hey…if any good soul feels generous, I’m also not stupid enough to say “no” XDDDDD

    aka @ramjb#3492

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