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    Under construction… 

    but will be role-playing a bit along with reports from patrolling or aiding or teaming up with fellow fleet mates. Basically playing the game but adding a bit of a story to the mix & building character along with getting to know one another.

    Commander "Ace" reporting in and ready for duty.

    Admiral (Retired)
    Founder 44th Delta FleetFleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    From: Chief of Space Operations, 44th Fleet, Starfleet Command
    To: Von Velton, Commander, 44th Fleet
    Subject: Operational assignments

    Hailing frequencies open.

    Good day Commander.

    Your transfer to the 44th has been completed and your assignments have been set. You have a good ship and a good crew, and the 44th has need of both to overcome many challenging operations and to boldly go and explore many unknown systems.

    Besides your individual missions, you will be called upon to join various Task Force Operations with your fleet to halt the latest Borg and Tholian attacks, conduct policing patrols in Alpha, Beta and Gamma quadrants, assist in building up the 44th’s Fleet holdings, and even fight temporal incursions to restore the timeline.

    We have no doubt you will succeed, but never hesitate to request backup or assistance from your fellow fleet-mates on both your solo missions and joint TFOs. There are also many upgrades and modifications that your 44th Fleet can assist with, and although exploration is the core of Starfleet, vigilance to defend our worlds is another. The 44th’s vast knowledge base is at your disposal.

    Looking forward to your reports.

    Hailing frequencies closed.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."


    Ace was going over some progress reports when he was informed about a message from Starfleet command. It Was Fleet Admiral Marcase himself delivering orders. “Greetings Admiral. Ah yes I thank you for your warm welcome. Understood & will do. I concur. Looking forward to working with fleet operatives. I’ll do my best Sir. Commander Ace out.” he found himself in deep thought of whats to come as he turned off comms. He was intrigued to whats to come….”Back to those progress reports.”

    Commander "Ace" reporting in and ready for duty.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Five weeks of hell

    Commander Von Velton was on his first assignment when his ship & crew experienced a rift in space of some type;  That pulled them into deep uncharted waters. With no allies in sight; surrounds by pirates…his only job now was getting the Tinman back to the fleet.

    On the heavy damaged bridge acting captain Ace spoke loudly after getting attacked again, Disruptors &  torpedoes bombarded the ship,” Red alert!” he calls out to his first officer. He was  looking a bit nervous but was handling his job well. “Come about. Keep them off our aft. Divert power to the forward shields! Target their engines!” he gave his orders & his officers carried them out. Then the comms sounds,” Engineering to bridge. We have a problem.” </p>

    Commander "Ace" reporting in and ready for duty.


    Ace made his way down to engineering to learn that the warp core was damaged beyond repair. The best speed was full impulse. We were stranded with no back up. But he was determined to get his crew back. “Chief I want you to go through our entire storage and get you team together. We are going to have to prepare for the worst, while we figure out a way to get back to starfleet.” his orders were carried out to the letter as they looked & gathered. He had the junior officers focus on crew morale & gathering supplies. The book has been laid out before by Admiral Janeway’s out of reach of starfleet walkthrough. Take no risks. Approach with caution. Help where you can. But be weary of the prime directive. A few hours passed…they had everything they could think of to help survive this unknown region of space. “Commander. we need to map this region out. Scan for stars. We need to keep our solar reserves full. Chief I want you to rigg our weapons to the defector dish. It will give us a little bit more fire power but we will have to watch the coolant tanks closely. Ensign plot a course to the nearest gravity we can detect. Dismissed.” he really hoped it was enough.

    Commander "Ace" reporting in and ready for duty.


    Somehow everything went wrong and nothing he did seem to have mattered in the end. They met the most unfortunate ended.

    “Computer end simulation.”

    His friend Alicia was standing by waiting to go to lunch before their next duty ship. She also was a commander but managed to do it faster. “I will never understand why you run no win scenarios?”  She asked with a smirked before walking up to him, placing her arms around him. He looks down at her before they start walking together to 10 forward replying, “Well you certainly learn a thing or two about surviving.” He chuckled as they left the holodeck.

    Commander "Ace" reporting in and ready for duty.

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