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    Hello 44th, how would you like to earn some easy fleet credits ?

    The new Colony Defense Simulation 20-player ground queue rewards a lot of colony commodities,

    and is a great alternative to the boring ‘squiggly lines’ farming on our colony map.

    Instead of rehashing things, see some good builds and the mission details >on this link< at the sto-league website.

    We can and will organize our own, but to trigger it a fleet needs to collect an invasion token, which is costly. Instead, various fleets are now hooked up to the Simulation channel so they can get a full 20-player team together.

    Go to your channels overview (right-click your current channel tab) and look for Simulation in the list tab and Join.

    It’s best to “Add New Tab” and rename it to Simulation to avoid confusion. To keep it tidy only tab: Armada, Emotes, Fleet, Friend, Team, Tell, 44th-diplo and Simulation.
    This prevents your chat getting spammed too much.

    Simulation is pretty active, so if you see a call in the channel, call out your faction and/or career like “Fed tac x” or “KDF Eng x”. Colony Invasion is not cross-faction, so make sure you’re on your right toon before joining one.

    Once you’ve received the invite and beamed down to the colony map, ask in Zone chat for an invite if you hadn’t already – it’s the game’s mechanics that you have to mess around with the chats, but it works and is easy once you get it.

    Just reaching Wave 5 you will earn 120 of each battery, ore and luxury commodity, and 2,100 each (!) at wave 30. You can always donate these to the Colony coffer, which you can find at the Colony holding tab, next to leaderboard. This is always available so you don’t have to set your alarm waiting for projects to finish !

    Big thanks to Vice-admiral Damix for pointing this out. 🙂

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Team Player

    This interested me into ground portion of game again. I missed the upgrade weekend so I upgraded few kit modules yesterday, but it was only minor cost.

    A guide that Marcase posted is a must read before joining the simulation – especially for the Engineer players because healing/protection of Shield Generator is their task. Destruction of SG on one defense position will make the sim fail for everyone. So slotting proper kit modules is imperative.

    >Here< is another guide/discussion you should take a closer look (read those few comments bellow too).

    Useful tip: if you pull aggro, make sure you don’t stand right next to fabrications or SG because foe’s AoE hit can damage them too.

    Anyone have any other useful ground guide?

    2100 of each commodity (x3) will  get you ~21k fleet credits! It doesn’t matter if you donate directly to project or to coffer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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