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    • Real Name
      • Nick
    • Age
      • 23
    • Location
      • Kirk’s Home State (Iowa, US Central)
    • Characters:
      • Winterz@JohnWinterz (Fed, main)
      • Teal’c@JohnWinterz (KDF, rarely played)
      • Selmak@JohnWinterz, (Fed-aligned Romulan, rarely played)
    • Previous Fleets:
      • Space Wolf plus one other I can’t recall. It was minor and died off years ago. I’m not in any right now.
    • Why Join the 44th?
      • To be honest, I grew tired of Space Wolf being inactive despite having several hundred members. Their Discord is quite dead as well. I tried to do my part to help spark activity, but the leadership there didn’t seem interested. I did some searching, and the 44th seemed to be the best and friendliest choice.
    • About Myself
      • Well, I was elected as a mayor last November and took office earlier this year (yes, at 23-years-old). It went well until Australia caught on fire, then everything became one giant headache. This Star Trek meme sums up my experience so far. Before that, I served 4 years on a city council, having been elected a few months after graduating high school. Prior to that, I spent most of my senior year working for the Iowa Speaker of the House. I guess I have a thing for helping people and trying to advance myself and my abilities. Other than that, I’m a nice, relatively quiet guy looking for a good STO fleet with the opportunity for eventual advancement.
    • Do I Accept the Rules and Regs?
      • Yep. I looked through them and reviewed your ranking system as well. I’m generally a casual player, but I enjoy the game and am on it regularly. Hopefully you can make use of me after all of the time and activity requirements. If not, I’m just happy to be here.
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    am i the only one that sees parallels between

    “It went well until Australia caught on fire..”


    “Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked”

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    Fleet Member

    Thanks for having me.

    Fleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    Welcome aboard Nick!

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    Welcome aboard

    Aka @kwolves21

    Fleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    Welcome aboard!

    aka @phoenix#6622

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