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    Just a few quick questions about the Phoenix Ultra Rare Token.

    Have any of the Fleet gotten any this time around?

    Does anyone know the odds of getting one?

    And if I would get one, what Star-ship would you recommended?



    aka @sgtken60


    I think someone did.

    I opened 400 boxes without one.

    I have no idea.

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    Okay thanks, LadyInferno, I was hoping the odds where better than that.

    aka @sgtken60

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    The odds of getting these tokens is extremely low. Of course only Cryptic knows for sure, but based on forum posts and what other fleet members have reported I would estimate the odds of getting an EPIC token to be less than 1 in 1,000, and the odds of Ultra Rare something less than 1 in 300.

    The good news is that they are still a good deal, even if there was no chance at all to get the ships. There are some great items in the boxes (red matter capacitor, duty officers, consoles etc), and the upgrade tokens are the most cost effective way to upgrade your gear.

    The ships from the UR tokens are older T5 ships, so none of them are really that great in today’s game, but still more capable of doing just about anything with a good build and pilot. I would pick whatever you like the looks of and feel like would be fun to fly. The Jem’Hadar bug ships unlocks the pets for the Jem’Hadar Carrier, so that is a popular choice.

    This round I went overboard and opened 1,000 boxes. I got 1 EPIC and 2 UR tokens, and I am very happy with that.

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    @G’Luv thanks, I will just get the free one for now on, I need to save up my Dilithium if I am ever going to get a T6 ship

    aka @sgtken60

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    I think i opened 150 boxes and zero epic and zero ultra rare

    I do now have 120 phoenix upgrades which are worth it in my opinion.

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    yeah, my goal when i’m opening phoenix boxes is as many upgrades as i can get :D. if i get an ultra rare or epic token, that’s cool…but it’s not really what i’m there for.

    that said, i have managed to get one of each, but haven’t used either yet. i was kinda holding onto them to see if anything interesting got added. and have just kept doing so :D.

    since they only put event ships into phoenix boxes, and i don’t plan to miss any more events, and they don’t really tend to make event ships must-have, i’m not sure if i’ll ever use them :X

    all that said, if you do manage to get an epic token, there are some strong contenders there, depending on your preferred ship type, playstyle, etc. the ferengi nandi warship has an onboard bank/mail/exchange system, so you don’t have to go to ports to access those if you don’t want to…but you can also get a t5/t5u ferengi d’kora on the exchange for about 4.5m ec, so fairly cheaply. so that shouldn’t be the only reason you get the nandi. the kobali samasar and krenim science vessel are both fairly good looking, as is the vorgon xyfius. really, look for one that has a boff seat/console layout you like, and decide that way.

    stepping down to ultra rare, the only ship that has any real utility nowadays is the risian luxury cruiser. if i remember correctly, this ship doesn’t have collisions with suns or planets in sector space, and it has an improved quantum slipstream drive, so it can be handy for tour the galaxy. if you have no other good tour the galaxy running ships. there are a good number of better tour ships nowadays, but if you don’t have one, the risian luxury cruiser could work for you. (better tour ships list: all miracle worker ships (cyclical quantum slipstream drive ftw) t5 multi-mission explorer ships (or the t6’s, if you also have the t5’s consoles…the t5 consoles are what make them good)). otherwise, all the ships here are t5/t5u, so meh.

    of course, like i said, they put old event ships into the phoenix box. if you do get an epic token, you might hang onto it to see if they add a more recent event ship you didn’t get. they still have yet to add the Bajoran Interceptor, the Feh’kiri S’torr, the Vorgon Ryn’kodan, the Vorgon Ytijara, and the Breen Plesh Tral to the phoenix box. check them out. maybe one of them will interest you more than anything currently available in the box. *shrug*


    stepping down further into VR stuffs, a red matter capacitor can be nice. it’s like a non-consumable all-subsystem battery. i’ve also used vr tokens to buy crystalline energy torp launcher (handy if your space setup uses antiproton damage) and the zephram cochrane shotgun (physical damage is 100% shield penetration, and therefore bypasses the borg’s great strength (adaptive shielding). you should always have a weapon that has 100% shield penetration to counter them :D).

    another step down to rare, i’d get a crystalline absorption matrix (again, if you’re using any ap damage in space), the V.S.S. Tanius, for a really nice admiralty card.

    if you get like a whole ton of phoenix tokens, you can consider other stuff…various doffs on rare could possibly be useful to you…the uncommon tribbles and emote unlocks could be ok. but if you’re running with a budget, i’d just dump everything i could into the upgrades.

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