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    Finally it happened, took a break from work and got that feeling…….you know, the one that says ‘I wonder whats going on?’ Well, before you know it, reinstalled STO and logged on after what is at least a two year break.

    Even the wife said ‘are you back on that space thing?’ I had to promise myself and my better half that this was only a casual non-grind type thing this time round.

    So, only one thing left to say………what have I missed?


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    Welcome back! c:

    Fleet is still active, and we recently had a 10-year fleet anniversary event that lasted through september. Fleet now has a discord server, and third fed fleet was created at one point (44th Gamma Fleet).

    It is easy to earn dilithium thanks to Admiralty system, and all event rewards are account unlocks so there is no need to grind anything with your alts, maybe just dilithium if you want to refine more than 8k dil. New content is now mostly Discovery based because it is current tv show. Not sure how much you are familiar with in-game stuff introduced after you stopped playing – if you have any questions, type here.

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    the game IS the grind.

    as for what you’ve missed, 44th has grown beyond all expectations: like damix said, we’ve got 3 fed fleets now, and are coming to a point where we may even need another.

    game-wise, everyone can use jem’hadar and romulan ships now. fed-aligned jems and roms can use most fed ships. kdf aligned jems and roms can use most kdf ships.
    Damix mentioned admiralty: it’s basically doff missions for your ships. but sometimes the game has issues with actually giving you a ship card when you claim a ship from the c-store. if you don’t get one, dismiss and reclaim ship.

    Endeavors. i strongly suspect that endeavors weren’t a thing when you were last around. Universal Endeavors are endeavors that everyone in the game has at the same time. they’re available for like 3 days, and then a new one comes around. they can reward dil, ec, r&d materials, and marks. This stuff.

    and then, there are personal endeavors. they last one day, and then they’re replaced with new ones. they’re independent per account. so you and i will probably have a different set every day. if you have reroll tokens (awarded by completing personal endeavors sometimes) you can change which ones you have to do. they give endeavor xp. every time you get 20k endeavor xp, you get a perk. the game randomly selects 3 choices from the list of perks, and you get to choose which one to put your perk into. they’re basically bonus account-wide stats. space energy weapon damage %. space shield hardness %. damage resist sets. ground crit chance %. etc etc etc. oh, and they’ll also give you ec, dil, reroll tokens, r&d mats, etc.

    so my view is that it’s potentially lucrative but unimportant to do the universal endeavor. it’s very important to do the personal endeavors as you can, because they’ll make you stronger. you don’t have to complete them all on the same character. for example, right now my 3 are:
    Defeat Tholians (Ground)
    Phaser Damage (Ground)
    Defeat Voth – Ground Battlezone
    so i could kill tholians with a phaser weapon on one character and get the first two done, then swap to another character and kill my 60 voth for the last. but partial progress doesn’t transfer. i can’t kill tholians with a phaser on one character but only do 5000 phaser damage then charswap and finish phaser on the voth. (well, i’m sure you’d get more than 10k damage out of 60 voth. but the point is you have to do all 10k without credit for the 5k you did on another character)

    >.> i think that’s about it. it’s not a super hard to figure out system.

    they just added an events tab to the mission journal.

    Make sure you grab your admiralty card for the U.S.S. Sally Ride outside the Narendra system.

    I’m sure there are other things, but they’re not popping into my brain right this moment. Feel free to ask any questions you have here, ingame, or in our discord. the only dumb question is one that you don’t know the answer to and don’t ask 🙂

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    Welcome back!

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    Due to changes in the event system, any formerly queued events you hadn’t completed should auto complete. Also, reputations now have six tiers with some new reputations added in. Reputation sponsorship tokens have been removed, now you auto sponsor reputations across toons once you reach t5. Reaching T6 is a long process, but allows you to unlock account wide discounts and several items that weren’t available before. Earning marks is easier with the random tfo system, which rewards you with choice of marks.

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