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    Evenin All,

    Quick question regarding Fleet Warships.


    Just popped into our Fleet starbase and had a look at the fleet ships availabel for purchase and noticed quite a few Romulan T6 fleet ships available.


    as a fed toon am i able to buy these and pilot or are they just for fed aligned Rom’s?

    aka @bob#3296


    Romulan ships are no longer exclusive to Romulan faction players. You can pilot both c-store and fleet romulan warbirds. Exception are lock box and veteran romulan ships.

    Before that, there was a change that allowed romulans to fly tier 6 fed/kdf ships.

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    Thanks Damix,

    now i just need to decide on which Romulan Ship i want…  oh decisions decisions decisions

    aka @bob#3296


    I sadly stopped playing my romulan alt, although I bought scimitar 3-packs (tier 5 and 6) and several other warbirds. Maybe I’ll play rom ships with my main char, although I haven’t done that since they allowed it. Oh well, at least I’m not running out of options when doing admiralty tasks.

    Which rom ships are you looking at?

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    was looking at Fleet Ar’Kif, or maybe a dreadnought as i have the discount coupon still to spend.  gotta have a hanger though i do like my pets


    aka @bob#3296


    Rom ships can be awesome. Certainly, they’re some of the better looking ships in the game.

    That said, keep in mind that singularity cores don’t put out as much power as warp cores (i guess. somehow.), and so instead of 200 power to allocate among your subsystems (like you find on fed/kdf ships), you have 160. So you’ll have to find some way of mitigating your lower power levels.

    Also keep in mind that, like all Fleet ships, rom fleet ships do not have unlockable starship traits. have to get the c-store version to unlock those.

    And the dreadnoughts are awesome, assuming you mean the t6 scimitar variants. totally my favorites (barring valkis, of course). they also all have single hangar bays. and owning one allows you to buy the elite drone ship frigates. which are awesome. but they come at fleet grade from the c-store. no need to buy a fleet version, because they’re already there. all the ships that come in 3-variant packs are.

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    no unlockable starship traits?

    does that mean they’re not so critical then?

    I thought that was one of the main appeals of getting T6

    aka @nine#7682

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    There are no fleet ships without the c-store version that does have the trait. Fleet ships usually have better stats and an extra console slot over c-store ships. So if you like a c-store ship for its trait/console, fly it till you have mastered it, then shift to fleet version to get maximum benefits.


    On the other hand, you may want to try out a ship which has a console/trait which isn’t good. In that case, you can just get the fleet variant and you are good to go.


    Actually there is one fleet ship which has trait and console but doesn’t have c-store counterpart. It’s Lukari Dranuur Scout Ship(https://sto.gamepedia.com/Lukari_Dranuur_Scout_Ship) which unlocks after fleet completes t5 colony. It’s available in main fleet and soon will be in delta. Can’t say anything about how useful its trait and console though as I bought it mainly for the looks and layout, which is pretty good in my opinion.

    aka @anganysamavu#4972, @kjoiner#6008

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