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    Main character’s name: Wilf Brim
    Real Name (first name only): Matthew
    Age: 29
    Location (at least time zone): California
    Alt character names (and please indicate Fed or KDF): Borridov (FED)
    Are you Silver/gold/ or Lifetime?: N/A
    Tell us about yourself (trek/game history, whatever you want us to know about you): I’ve been playing STO for a while now and the last fleet i was with was Starfleet Lions though that was several months ago. I am a college student who plays as frequently as my very busy schedule can allow which isn’t very much but i enjoy it all the same.
    Why did you choose the Mighty 44th: I chose the 44th because it’s a fleet that looks like it has its stuff together and I appreciate the benefits of a strong infrastructure and established chain of command.
    Have you read the rules (the rules and regulations are located under the ‘About Us’ tab at the top): Yes i have read the Rules and Regulations
    Rules: … &Itemid=57
    Are you willing to use Teamspeak?: If i can get teamspeak to work on my comp i would be happy and willing to do so.

    aka @weinsteinm

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    thanks for applying. I need your complete name with handle, for example, I am Sargon@rdm1958

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    Wilf Brim@weinsteinm is my full handle. sorry about the incomplete information.

    aka @weinsteinm

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    Thanks for applying to the 44th. And thanks for filling out a proper app, as we don’t approve of ‘rogue’ members popping up.

    Please see this thread on how to join the private fleet channel.

    Just as a reminder, to get a promotion –and thus access to the various Fleet stores– you must meet 3 requirements.

    1) Must have either logged into the game or posted on our 44th forum at least once during the review period of 1 month (which starts today);
    2) Have an in-game leaderboard donation of 50,000 fleet credits minimum (either by one, or by your total alts combined);
    3) Must be in good standing with the fleet.

    Please bookmark the “Active Topics” page of our forum to keep up-to-date,

    Welcome aboard!

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    welcome back!

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    Welcome back!

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