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    • Real name: Paula
    • Age: 46
    • Location: US, Eastern timezone
    • Characters: Constantine Davin@xrelle1074 (I have a lot of toons — I’m starting with this one as it is my main)
    • Previous fleets: LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order
    • Why join the Mighty 44th? This fleet was recommended to me by Gater@vapOrtrail. I’m looking to find a new STO home, personal drama…no problems with the fleet or the armada, just have an ex there. He sent me the website link for the 44th which I looked over and I think it would be a good fit for me. I’d like to start with one toon but may add more later if it’s cool and things work out.
    • Tell us about yourself: I’m a Sci-fi enthusiast, I’ve been playing STO for what will be a year on 1/31/20. I have about 10 ten toons in the game, most at lvl 65. I live in Michigan in the US and am pretty easy to get along with. I read your rules about no multi-fleets. I hope it’s acceptable to leave one toon in one of the gamma fleets in LGBT of the 9th, if not I understand. All my other alts have been removed and I’m happy to have them join if things work out. My main, Constantine is the one I’m initially applying for.
    • Do you accept the rules and regulations? Yes
    Fleet Shindig Risa 2019Team Player

    Hi Paula,

    Unfortunately the no multi-fleeting rule is one that we have to stick to. We have had to turn down other applicants in the past (including recently), and it would not be fair to them or the other members that have left old fleets to stay within the rules.  We really only have 3 rules that we apply to everyone, no multi-fleeting and just be nice, otherwise anyone over 18 is welcome to join. The rules were decided on long ago in order to maintain a fun and drama-free environment for all. We have 5 fleet divisions (4 Fed and 1 KDF) in order to accommodate fleet members with several toons (some with 20 or more), so you are welcome to bring as many as you have.

    If this is acceptable to you, please post your response here, and we can start sending out invites. There are no other “fleet requirements” (like donations or events), so feel free to try it out for a few days. We hope you’ll think of the 44th as you new space home. 🙂


    aka @phoenix#6622

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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