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    Greetings 44th!

    Here is your 77th Sunday Supplemental along with the current State Of The Fleet for Jan. 9th 2022

    First up is the traditional welcome to the newest 44th Fleet Members. Thanks for choosing the Mighty 44th!

    New Members

    @danielcurrie, @Dhampyra, @RexSteele#34387, @rattyreme, @Essencia, @carius0, @keithff1, @Menfy#64051, @holstein85, @karsa2, @Beppe2672#86805, @ofnanimo#6105, @woodstockfury#8221, @henna#73411, @steelh, @msbodhy

    Welcome aboard and feel free to ask questions! Again, thanks for flying with the Mighty 44th! Also, don’t forget to join the 44th-diplo channel by typing: /channel_join 44th-diplo

    This is how we communicate between our (5) Fed and (2) KDF fleets. It isn’t a rule or requirement, but things will seem very quiet in the fleet without it.

    Also, here is a way for you guys to track the promotion schedule:

    It is viewable by anyone and you don’t need to sign in, create an account or download an app.

    State Of The Fleet

    Heya 44th! I hope everyone is having a happy and safe new year so far. I know the last couple of years haven’t been good for many, so here’s hoping that at least part of 2022 will be kinda normal at the very least!

    So, despite the downer that was 2021, the 44th Fleet still managed to receive 322 new members in that time which is absolutely incredible! Of course not all of those members are currently active or chose to stay with the 44th, but as you can see below we do remain a very active fleet overall. To put this in perspective, we received 241 new members in 2020, so 2021 was a very good year for recruiting!

    Note: The summary above is calculated as of Dec. 11th

    We also created two new fleets in 2021 to keep the rosters from overflowing! The 44th Fleet is now made up of Seven fleets in total. 44th Honour Guard is currently at level 55 and 44th Temporal Vanguard is at level 46. Honour Guard isn’t even a year old yet! It has its first birthday on this coming Jan. 21st. What is even more amazing is that Temporal Vanguard is level 46 already and we just founded it back on Sept. 4th! Thank you all so much for your contributions and hopefully we won’t have to found any new fleets for at least a few more months…. Or even days the way we are going!

    To dive in further, our holdings have also increased quite a bit!

    Poor 44th Gamma still hasn’t gotten it’s T5 Starbase yet. I know everyone hates to contribute common doffs, but that is what it needs most to finish it. So please consider contributing common doffs to Gamma Fleet’s starbase projects before all others.

    After Gamma Fleet, 44th Epsilon’s Colony projects are the next priority.

    And then the Spire, R&D Lab, K-13, Embassy and Dilithium Mine for 44th Honour Guard and 44th Temporal Vanguard.

    So, in spite of everything 2021 threw at us The Mighty 44th Fleet is healthy and carries onward into 2022!

    And I almost forgot. I came across some interesting information in regards to the recent shake up at Perfect World. In case you haven’t heard, Perfect World seems to have taken quite the financial hit when it was forced to cancel Magic Legends. Well a company called Embracer Group has swooped in and purchased Perfect World and all of its holdings for around $125 million. I’m of course summarizing. The official details can be found here in the Official Announcement

    Anyway, no one is really expecting anything to change in the short term as far as Star Trek Online is concerned. Anyway, I was watching the CEO of Perfect World give a presentation and came across this:

    You can find the full presentation Here

    Anyway….. I just thought it was pretty interesting stuff. So, if you were wondering how well Perfect World was doing, Star Trek Online rakes in about $240+ million in revenue and has 6+ Million players (I assume over the lifetime of the game).

    Neverwinter does even better with $400+ million in revenue and 20+ million players.

    Lastly, Marcase has decided to step back from active duty as a Fleet Admiral due to real life obligations. You can find his full post Here.

    Anyway Marcase, real life permitting, I hope to see you around in game now and then! The Orion Dancers will be waiting! Take care and stay safe out there my friend.

    Project One

    Heya 44th! You may be wondering what Project One is. Well, it started out as a project for Dragon’s Lair (one of our long time Armada members) to learn and practice some Elite content. They decided to open the doors to everyone in the 44th Fleet Armada and broaden the scope of Project One to include help with not only Elite Content, but Advanced and Normal content as well. Plus they help with builds of all types and not just the ones focused on DPS. In fact, DPS isn’t even the main focus. Helping others get to where they want to be in STO is.

    So, if you are interested in checking out the Discord Server for yourselves, here is a link:

    This server is exclusively open to ALL 44th Fleet Armada members.

    Check out the latest from the Project One Team.

    Here is some more info on the new giveaway for an Elite Captain Training Token.

    Star Trek Online Anniversary Event!

    The 12th Anniversary of Star Trek Online is coming up! The Anniversary events usually starts towards the end of January. They typically do a giveaway over five days leading up to the actual event. Last year the giveaways started Jan. 22nd. So even though there hasn’t been an official announcement, we can probably expect something similar this year.

    The event usually consists of a Grand Prize event for a T6 Ship and of course Party Patrol and Omega Particle Stabilization events. Usually we see a new featured episode as well. So stay tuned for an official announcement soon!

    The Galaxy Goes to Red Alert!

    The event starts Tuesday, Jan. 11th!

    Star Trek Online Builds Discord Server

    Here is a fresh link to the Star Trek Online Builds Discord Server. It is a great resource for quality build advice.

    Wrap Up

    I just want to say thanks to everyone who chose to fly with the 44th Fleet! You make the 44th Fleet what it is! And I want to thank everyone (these wonderful people here) keep the 44th Fleet running smoothly.

    Note: If you have a topic you would like to see in the Sunday Supplemental, feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do about including it.

    Take care and have a great week and A Happy New Year!


    aka @akula2045, @hadron3000#5120

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