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    Afternoon fleet!

    I just wanted to get people’s opinions on the best specialties. I am using Command and Strategy at the moment, primary focus on space combat.


    Interested to know what people chose as their Primaries and Secondaries and why they think they work together well! Just looking to do a bit of research before starting a new character!

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    For Energy DPS builds Intelligence/Strategist is generally considered “best”. Intel gives a pretty large damage bonus when flanking a target.

    Miracle worker is great for tanking, survival or balanced builds.

    Temporal is the go to for EPG/Science or Scitorp builds. It gives added EPG and grants continuity which teleports you out of danger if your health hits zero (with cool down before it can trigger a 2nd time).

    Command doesn’t get much love, but has some nice team oriented abilities  for support role.

    Constable is an option instead of strategist for single target builds, as it gives some bonuses if you attack a single target for a longer period of time.

    Keep up with admiralty and you can get them all leveled up fairly quickly.

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    Fair, thank you for the reply!


    Ive been using Command and Strategist with my Advanced Escort T6 (U.S.S. Harrower-C), a big focus on torpedo abilities and weakening foes for people to lay into. I do also have a big focus on shield stealing, using the quantum phase sets (weapons, shield, deflector, ect..) All in all i find i can solo most DSEs in the Delta Quadrant. I personally love command in an offensive role.


    I found that the Strategist has been a big part of my ships survivability.  Using it properly, it allows me to either boost my crit sev & chance whilst not threatening, allowing me to really dish out heavy damage all the time im working alongside other ships or alternatively, when working alone if i use my threatening stance, i give myself a huge boost in hull healing (both actual and temp hull) either from incoming damage or my officer healing abilities. This of course means when im outnumbered I can keep going that bit longer! Combined with command abilities, this can allow me when i need to, to dish out some serious torpedo crit hits crippling Borg cubes, Voth Battleships and the like or wear down a targets shields whilst recharging my own, rather than an ability that does one or the other. I can placate foes when seriously outnumbered and get myself out intime to heal. I can cut enemy abilities short like tractor beam or tachyon beams to get myself out of bag situations too! Hopefully people can see how these two have been working well together for me when i’ve been using the Harrower or my Science Recon Vessel (U.S.S. Hellion), the Hellion again focuses on draining or stealing shield power, unlike the Harrower,  the Hellion suffers a bit in DPS due to my focus on Tetryon weaponry.


    However i admit that these two together dont work as well when I’m in either my Assault Cruiser (U.S.S. Harbinger-C) or Star Cruiser (U.S.S. Hector). Im starting to use these more and I’m going to get myself a Presido class either this weekend or next week depending on my funds. She obviously is a Command Battlecruiser so i’ll be sticking with command as my primary, but certainly gives me a lot to think about for my secondary. I’ve actually completed both Command and Strategist trees now so something new is required!


    Cheers H

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    when STO says something is a “command battlecruiser” or “intel escort” or “temporal warship”, what STO means is that this ship will have command/intel/temporal abilities and have at least one specialist boff seat in that specialty.

    what it doesn’t mean is “the player has to use that specialty with this ship,” or even “the player is best using this specialty on this ship”


    personally, my main uses miracle worker/pilot.  extra survivability and turn rate, the ability to crit on heals, pretty nice active abilities.

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