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    is there a doff mission chain that might reward a aux to bat boff?


    Yes, check the B’Tran Cluster colonization chain. It should reward rare aux2bat Technician in the end. It also unlocks doff assignment that rewards you a very rare version if you crit..and it is repeatable.

    Doffs: One of Four and Two_of_Twelve

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    Awesome, thank you for your help!

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    If you try this, be prepared for a pretty long slog as the missions are random and don’t always show up. I have done this on a couple of toons and it took about a month to finally get 3 of them.

    One tip that helps is that if the mission chain doesn’t show up, you can fly out of the sector, just over the border and return and the missions on the map will reset. This gives you 2-3 tries for the mission each time the overall map resets the missions.

    Also, since you need to get a critical success in order to get the purple Aux2Bat doff it helps to get purple or blue doffs that have the right attributes to raise the critical chance of the mission. At best you can get it in the mid-30% chance for a critical success, so it needs at least 10+ attempts after unlocking the final mission.

    Good luck!


    I believe you can get one of these from Fleet Duty Officer packs you buy from the starbase for fleet credits. It’s a random chance to get one, but if you have a lot of fleet credits, it may be a viable option.

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    Thanks for the info guys, I really appreciate it!

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