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    i’ve just followed the links and donated to breast cancer.

    From the uk the final charge amount to £8.50 for which i had the europa heavy and the shran pilot.

    For anyone considering it, get in there now and get some nice ships and support a worthy cause

    aka @bob#3296

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    Done, purchased the full pack and paid $11 instead of 10 so it was just over £9 for me but worth it as good cause.

    Pity the ship packs are linked, i.e. the Europa and Kurak are on one key, as I already have the Kurak and really don’t like look of the disco BoP so could have given keys away but never mind.

    If anyone want the full pack better be quick as they going fast, was at 700 left when I purchased and is now under 600

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    Just to mention it here, 10$ bundles were readded to
    ..and according to @toadslayer, if you already purchased the 5$ bundle, you can get the 10$ code by donating additional 5$.

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    Nice find, just had a look and there are 1484 still left and it has not changed 10 min later so I guess not many people know about it.

    Four T6 Ships for $10 is a bargain, plus if anyone wants to play KDF getting the Kurak for the trait is worth it.

    Acoustic Rob
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    The Shran is a fun little ship to fly around in, too, and it has a good DPS trait for ships that don’t grab too much threat.

    aka @acousticrob#2239

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