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    Hello everyone!

    I’m proudly presenting you one of my fanfiction stories I’ve been working on for quite some time now, along with a friend of mine who also helped to wrote parts of it and included some of his very own characters which you can read about in sort of a spin off and prequel called USS Jowston, that later ties into main story mentioned in title of this topic.

    Now before you start reading I must warn you that stories are written in Croatian (my native language), so you are not familiar with it won’t be able to read it until we translate it which we do have in plan to be done soon. But for the starters our fellow Croatian players and those who understand language are able to do so if they are interested of course. However, I’m not going to leave the rest of you with nothing so I’ll just try to present main story – Dominion of Revenge (which is originally my concept) in one brief, but detailed summary.

    So let’s start first with basic premise of the story, as well as some key events that played out before it, along with state of the galaxy and powers that control it. Dominion of Revenge and USS Jowston are both placed in alternate universe that doesn’t much differs from Prime Universe which include ENT, TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY, and has many of familiar characters from those shows/universe, but it is not like mirror universe where everyone is evil and scheming. Also, it is nothing like Kelvin or Discovery Universe, but like I mentioned already it feels most like universe we saw in first five shows and ten movies.

    With that said, one of the first (major) differences is that Starfleet is more militaristic, but it also retains its other missions of exploration, diplomacy and such. It is much like the Starfleet as we know it, but here people don’t fear to classify their vessels as destroyers, battlecruisers, dreadnoughts and other military designations. Besides that Starfleet is more ruthless organization and while it doesn’t shoots first then ask questions later, it can more easily engage in combat and intelligence operations. It even has a branch dedicated to advanced military training called Special Starfleet Tactical Forces, or SSTF in short, as well as another branch called Starfleet Intelligence Agency, or SIA, dedicated to intelligence and covert ops, as well as black ops missions. There is still Section 31 in a form that operates as rogue organization, but they are mostly marginalized groups which true goal is not to preserve, but rather undermine Federation and Starfleet. However, due to their ruthless and scheming behavior they are difficult to hunt down and bring to justice even for most trained SIA agents.

    Klingon Empire on the other hand is embroiled in civil war, which erupted when Gowron, Martok, Worf and their allies were illegitimately dethroned and banished from High Council. So their only option after the coup was to join their houses and fight back. The houses that were responsible for coup thought at first that they would fall quickly, but they were proven wrong once they found out that almost half of the systems of Empire decided to stay loyal to Gowron and his forces. Even some Romulan and Reman forces (which I’m going to write about next) are supportive of Gowron and his allies and they often provide military aid in terms of supplies, troops and even ships. However, despite all their efforts houses of traitors are still holding on firmly to control of the Empire and its vast military assets, so the victory for Gowron and his forces cannot be achieved soon enough. Klingon Empire is currently in non-aggression pact with Federation and Starfleet, although Starfleet and Federation secretly support Gowron and his agenda.

    Romulan Star Empire has its own problems too. The biggest of them is corruption that is mostly caused by Tal’Shiar interference which has taken control of most of the Empire’s military and civilian assets. There are however, those in the Empire that see through their schemes and are openly rebelling against Tal’Shiar oppression, so they fight for a more civilized government. Having the same goal, Remans decided to join them in fight and provide them with their powerful Scimitar class warbirds, as well as other ships and troops. However, since they both know how Tal’Shiar operates they managed to infiltrate Tal’Shiar with agents of their own and later created new agency known as Imperial Romulan Intelligence Service, or IRIS. Agents of this organization operate as double agents for Tal’Shiar and rebel forces, and their primary goal is to undermine and eventually destroy or take over Tal’Shiar from the inside, while respecting the Senate at the same time and purging it from Tal’Shiar agents. Like Klingons, Romulan Star Empire also has non-aggression treaty with Federation, and Starfleet. However, when it comes to Klingon Empire, there are rumors that Tal’Shiar is behind coup of Gowron’s government, and as previously mentioned Romulan/Reman rebels are aiding Gowron in fixing that.

    Unlike in Prime Universe, Cardassian Union isn’t a third rate power and is technologically on pair with other major powers like Federation, Klingons and Romulans. Union is also in Alliance with Federation and has like them non-aggression pact with Klingons and Romulans. There is also a difference between their relations with Bajorans. Unlike in Prime Universe, Cardassian Union has not occupied Bajor, but instead signed a treaty of mutual benefit. In short, while Bajor provides resources for Union, Cardassians have obliged themselves to provide Bajorans with defense fleet against outside hostile forces. Therefore, Cardassian Union never allied themselves with Dominion when they decided to attack Alpha quadrant. And although there were some Cardassians lead by Dukat that wanted to join Dominion, Damar and Garak personally prevented that. So in short Dukat and his allies were charged for high treason and executed, before they managed to overthrow both civilian and military branches of Cardassian government.

    Now let’s see how Dominion war played out it in this universe. It started pretty much the same as in Prime Universe. Dominion was unhappy with Starfleet and others sending a ships into their part of universe, so they started to openly threat and later destroy ships coming through the wormhole. When they finally lost it they first decided to seek ally in Cardassian Union, but that attempt miserably failed as mentioned above, so instead they turned to Breen Confederation that agreed with their terms, so they together unleashed a war first on both Cardassian Union and Federation. To prevent coming additional Dominion fleets from wormhole, in agreement with both Starfleet and Bajorans, Cardassians placed 30 defense platforms near it which could collapse matrix of wormhole as soon as they detect ship(s) passing through. Likewise, Deep Space 9 that is run by Starfleet, Cardassians and Bajorans, was upgraded to extreme with 60 phaser emitters and 10 000 torpedoes including photon, quantum and phased plasma warheads. Those phased plasma torpedoes were created by Cardassian scientist and proven to be extremely effective against Dominion ship. One of such torpedoes could easily bring down Jem’Hadar attack ship even with its shield being 100% operational.

    Despite that advantage, Dominion was still way too powerful so after several defeats and destruction of Enterprise E, as well as few both Federation and Cardassian starbases along their borders, both powers decided to seek help from Klingon and Romulan Empires. At first reluctant, after some persuasion they both joined the war and together they managed to defeat combined Dominion and Breen forces after numerous offensive and defensive engagements. Last battle counted more than 10 thousand ships involved from both sides and was fought for almost entire week. In the end, most of the Founders and Vortas that survived the battle of Breen where either captured or executed, while remaining Jem’Hadar forces where hunted down to their last ship and soldier. Likewise, Breen fleet has been reduced to a little more than 400 ships from initial of 7000 ships before war, and their homeworld was bombarded from orbit. With devastated planet, stations and fleet, Breen quickly declared defeat, and Dominion followed soon after their Alpha Quadrant leaders were arrested/executed and their ships destroyed.

    However, Starfleet, as well as Cardassian, Romulan and Klingon fleets were also decimated, but still not as much as they were in Prime Universe due to their faster and better ship building capabilities and more militaristic stance. So Federation lost half of its forces, Cardassians lost 2/3 of their fleets, while both Klingons and Romulans lost only third of their fleets. Because of that, all four powers agreed to place minefield at the entrance of wormhole so that they could completely ensure that no more Dominion ships ever made it through. Meanwhile, Voyager which in this universe is a Nebula class vessel was lost in Delta quadrant, while a small fleet of allied ships that were sent to attack and destroy Founder’s homeworld was lost in Gamma quadrant. One of the ships included in mentioned fleet is USS Jowston that appears in spin off story of my friend and later in Dominion of Revenge too. Due to mining of wormhole, Jowston and several other surviving ships were trapped in Gamma quadrant.

    I believe that covers all the major events and players of this universe, so let’s now fast forward to current events, or better said premise of the Dominion of Revenge.

    Story begins 5 year after the end of Dominion war, or to be more precise at stardate 57699.51 (September 13,  2380, at 0030 hours). It is being told from point of view of first and currently only Human-Cardassian hybrid called Sirius Verax in command of Starfleet dreadnought. Supremacy class dreadnought is top of the line vessel with firepower capable of planetary scale destruction, and resilience on pair with Scimitar class warbird. There are only 3 vessels of this class currently in active service given that its prototype USS Supremacy was build just approximately 2 years ago. Third vessel is of course USS Enterprise-F under command of Fleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

    Sirius Verax’s ship, USS Thunderblade was a third constructed Supremacy class vessel that departed shipyard less than a year before current events. So, during its trip from Starbase 47 to Deep Space 9 in order to receive new shipment of phased-plasma torpedoes, Sirius will receive a call that is going to shock him and his crew, and start a series of events that will once again set galaxy on fire. The old enemy that AQ powers thought was beaten for good will be back in most unexpected fashion. And answer of how they managed to return will be provided by crew of USS Jowston. How is that going to all play out, I will reveal you as soon as translation is over, and for those who understand Croatian they can start with reading right now, and once you start you won’t be able to put it off due to brilliant atmosphere and story telling that this fanfiction provides.

    Here are links for both stories:

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