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    Real Name: Robert
    Status: Lifer
    Main Char: Nightingale@Shade70

    Starting playing STO on and Off since Beta and bought the lifetime membership when the game first came out. I am a 900 day Veteran.I have 4 characters, all level 50… 3 are Borg while my main is a Trill. My main character is Nightingale, a Tac. Her ships include a fully fitted Tactical Escort Refit (Borg Set, Maco Shield, XI Borg Weaponary), and a new H. Escort Carrier Ive just bought which i am currently outfitting (currently has Borg set, Aegis shield and X weaponary, adv peregrines in the hangar). I also have a Lvl 50 Engineer with a Dreadnought Cruiser, and a VA sci officer with a Longe Range Science Vessel Refit. I have bought the Yellowstone runabout, so all chars have access to this small ship and the Yacht. Ive bought a number of varied ships from c store for these characters over the years so they all have access to a number of C Store consoles and weps (eg Quad Cannons, Plasma Defence Turret, Plasma Manifold, Impulse Cap Cell, Tac detection field,Photonic Displacer, Nadeon Detonator, Grappler).

    I also have a VA Klingon Tactical officer with a b’rel BOP refit, a Qurgh Refit and a Kar’Fi Carrier. As all these characters were levelled up before F2p, they also have various other ships that were earned during level up. The only really fully fitted character (space wise) however is my main Tac Officer Nightingale, although the others can be brought upto speed with some work (mainly equipment….and I still have all the respecs Ive earned since release) Only one of my alts is in a fleet, the Engineer, however I have no real interaction with this fleet, and will quite happily cancel my membership with them. The engineer is also a crafter, and can craft Aegis shields and has a large store of Materials (all samples/materials Ive gotten since starting go to this character).

    I do have a family and a job, so I wouldnt be playing everyday, however I can usually get on to play at least once a week for a couple of hours, usually more. I mainly do space normal STFs, would like to start doing Elites, however finding a decent team is very hit and miss, this and the release of Update 6 with Bases, is the main reason Im applying for membership of your fleet. This fleet looks large and professional with a dedicated playerbase, so this is why Im applying for membership with the 44th.

    I am willing to use Teamspeak.

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    Greetings. Thanks for applying. It’s an exciting time to be part of fleet. We’re glad to have you aboard. I’ve sent you a fleet invite. In the meantime, here is a thread with more info about the fleet, including how to join our private channel.

    Also, since this is tribble test weekend, let us know if you would like an invite to our tribble fleet. See you online.

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    Thanks. Have joined and set up, already ran a few elite STFs

    My other Alts are:

    shade@shade70 (engineer)
    Angela Cido@shade70 (Sci)
    K’Dumok@shade70 (Klingon Tac)

    If you could give each of these alts an invite Ill join them too.

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    saw you in chat this morning. welcome aboard. i play often and focus on elite missions. i have a big appetite for prototype stuff. see you in space.

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