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    WTF?  I had a hiatus for quite some time and just got around to a playthrough of the last few seasons.  I just played through the visit to Shangdu and stole some data in the following episode and am taking stock of what I’ve played through so far.  First off the cinematic scenes and overall technical presentation is stepped up.  Next, they have been fortunate to grab some great voice talent.  Maybe not.  As much as like to hear familiar voices from Trek it doesn’t give you a story and what’s worse the gravitas of said actors seems enough that stories are built around them.  To their detriment.

    I liked J’mpok.  As an in game character from conception he grew on me.  Sketchy background but established himself as a capable Chancellor who really grew into his role as the Alliance peace process was navigated.  You didn’t have to like him but he could be respected and compared to cardboard Quinn (So boring symbiote avoid his dull ass) he was impressive.  You can’t compare his background to D’tan  because he had canon “cred” but he was more dynamic in implementation.

    In a couple episodes he “went crazy” so J’ula wouldn’t like the massive cow she is?  What lazy garbage writing!  Wrestling has better heel turns!  I’d say more but I all I have are a lot of 4 letter words so I’ll complain better later 😀!

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    Much better!  I’ve articulated this better and slapped it down on the STO forums so here’s the cut and paste.  There’s no expectation anyone will agree with me but I think disapproving responses will be more sensible here 😀 .


    spiritborn wrote: »
    the Klingon leaders present (apart from J’Ula and L’Rell) would have heirs and those heirs might not be present at the First City during that time, so all you’d accomplish with that is made many new Klingon leaders who are very pissed off with you, oh and united because of it.

    A single bomb cannot remove every militaristic figure with in the Klingon Empire due to its very nature. Sure J’Ula talked about crushing the Romulans and the Federation before she got a massive reality check and she’s not stupid enough to not realize that her current position is potentially earned thru a help of major Romulan or UFP hero who would obviously be more loyal to their nations then to her, in fact FED characters (and IIRC Fed-allied ROM/JH) made it clear she’s to them just the lesser of 2 evils not a friend.

    This has me wondering about the viability of the Alliance moving forward. How much stability is there within the Klingon Empire and the greater alliance as a consequence of this chaos? This thread specifically addressed J’ula in terms of body count and it avoid the real issue, as well as sanitizing her behaviour. She doesn’t belong here. Where was Daniels, The Pastak, the Alliance predicated on playing temporal police? If anyone was killed by someone native to our timeline maybe they were supposed to die. When the crew of a space station and figures from an era suddenly die (and J’mpok in his position as head of state) doesn’t that seem like an incursion? I’ve only played the last couple seasons from a Klingon perspective and the exposition has been terrible. Mission briefs were partially delivered as holo simulations through the Discovery arc with the latter debriefs feeling like all bets were off and J’mpok was having a laugh at the state of the story as he broke the fourth wall. Did the Federation story bookending these missions do a better job of clarifying what was happening? J’mpok was an effective if not likeable Chancellor. From the onset he was depicted as having some skeletons in his closet but he had a pretty good run. Even Martok respected him for his martial and political prowess (And he defeated him man on man, even if he magically recovered from his mortal wounds). The heel turn was so over the top it would have made Vince Rousseau blush.

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