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    Hey all, Shaw here,

    I’m posting this for others who my not know this, as I almost missed it myself.

    If you go to the Bridge Officer recruiter NPC on Earth Spacedock (and to similar NPCs elsewhere in-game, I presume) you can indeed recruit Starfleet Cardassian bridge officers for your command crews. All it will cost you is a very small amount of dilithium.

    Yes, these bridge officers are only basic (white-color) quality, but as has been noted elsewhere, most of the time (i.e. there are boff exceptions) the “color-quality” of your bridge officers matters far, far, far less than the skills you assign them and the gear you put on them, when it comes to in-game effectiveness.

    Basically, you can run with “white quality” bridge officers the entire game, and it’s unlikely that you’ll notice an appreciable difference with most ordinary boffs.

    Certainly, there are specific boffs available in-game which carry unique traits, and these are “superior” boffs, statistically-speaking.

    But with most bridge officers in Star Trek Online, the innate difference between a white-quality boff and a purple-quality boff may exist statistically (on paper), but in practical use, the color-quality of a bridge officer matters far less than how you skill them, how you gear them, and how you make use of them as a captain.

    So … Starfleet Cardies, folks! Get em if you want em! 🙂

    Cheers, all,


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    guess they don’t want people who have not paid for cardie unlock or gamma pack to have them

    Taken from patch notes – Cardassian Bridge Officers can no longer be sold on the exchange, I should check if caitan boffs are available as I bought playable space kittys many years ago.

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    Per reddit the traits give: +1.5% damage (Cat 1) and +1.5 accuracy and defense rating. I guess they will be good for space barbie and are cheap enough for that.

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    They do stack so they aint bad for there price.

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