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    Hi all,

    When the 25th anniversary surprise came out I couldn’t resist. With the cool options I could finally make my Fed Klingon with a cool sash. When I imagined the tough guy life the character was going to lead my memory may have been a bit selective. It seems I’d forgotton all the early shows where Worf was the Klingon whipping boy and regularly had all his wonderfully warlike ideas shut down by Picard and company on a show by show basis…..

    Starting a 1st level Lieutenant has a way of grounding you. Most of my characters have been VAs and LGs for quite some time. Even my the last Klingon character I built up started the game as a Commander. As I’m confronted with battlefield problems or things as innocent as a state dinner (I just started DOff missions at Lt7) I end up setting off Patrick Stewart’s voice in my head;

    HoS: Incoming Photon Torpedos! Sir I recommend all stations brace for for impact!!

    Inner Voice:No Mr. HoS!

    Because I don’t have Brace my poor pitiful Miranda is torpedoed into the stone age….

    HoS: Sir, the Defari Ambassador just plays at that spritual mumbo-jumbo. Ensign Beltaz will charm him with her love of phasers set to kill, confrontational manner and tendency to be a messy drunk.

    Inner voice: No Mr. HoS!

    Sadly Mr. Hos doesn’t have the right doffs for the job yet so wackiness ensues.

    I’m having some laughs building him up and looking forward to making this one an active character once I bring him up to snuff. Please don’t yell at the poor klingon: He tries so hard and gets that hurt look in his eye when senior officers tell him no.

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