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    Alienware has a free giveaway. Just tried it – it works!

    The Otherworldly Pack contains:

    A Klingon Miracle Worker Bridge Officer

    An Elite Services Starter Pack

    The “Otherworldly” Title

    Go to

    Log in or create an account on Alienware and claim a code. Go to to redeem it. Then you should find it under “Promotions” in the C-Store. Make sure you claim the pack on a Klingon Faction character because it is once per account. I’m not sure if the title and BOFF will unlock on other Klingon Faction characters in the account once the pack is opened.

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    Forged in Fire pack, Federation equivalent of the giveaway above:

    *Forged in Fire Title
    *Federation Cyborg Miracle Worker Bridge Officer (Unlocks for the account. Additional copies can be found in the Bridge Officers Tab in the Personnel Tab of the Zen Store)
    *36 Inventory Slots (Granted only upon initial claim of the product)
    *36 Bank Slots
    *2 Bridge Officer Slots
    *3 Retrain Tokens

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    Even though the offer “ended”, I was able to download and redeem a code.

    Always like receiving free stuff, thank you Damix. And you’re right, it’s the Fed equivalent of the Klingon giveaway on Alienware – a free sci miracle worker BOFF, elite starter pack, and a title.

    aka @robofearth

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    Darn I wish i’d known about this. That pack is an absolute must have.

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