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    Chase Quinnell
    Fleet Member

    Mentioned this on Discord already but I have recently been hanging out on other forums lately.  Noticed ours seem a bit clunky due to bbPress’s limitations.  Without needing to ditch WordPress, I wondered if migrating to a different forum platform is something that could be considered?  A couple good free options are phpBB and MyBB.  I am pretty sure there’s ways to migrate all forum data from bbPress to phpBB.  Not sure about MyBB.


    Chief Engineer

    I evaluated phpBB back when I took over the old Joomla site and was looking for a better option. The main reason we’re on bbPress is because it integrates very easily with WordPress (since it is, after all just a WordPress plugin). Using phpBB or some other system would require a lot more integration work that I don’t have the appetite for, particularly around the user interface and account management.

    Keeping everything in WordPress makes the site maintainable and usable without needing a lot of my time to support the admin side. If that weren’t a consideration, we’d be running on Jekyll + Discourse, which I’ve used independently with great success in the past.

    Chase Quinnell
    Fleet Member

    Fair enough!  I suspected as much.  Seamless integration with WordPress is certainly a benefit.   Haven’t been here enough to remember when this site was on Joomla!  Never actually played with Joomla myself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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