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    Apologies if this isn’t the right forum to bring this up.

    As a relatively new member of the newer Epsilon fleet, I’ve been doing my best to help contribute to the Epsilon holdings. Being new(er) to the game, and this being my first Fleet membership, I wasn’t really sure where/how best to spread the contributions. So basically I’ve focused on trying to contribute EC/Doffs/Provisions/Dilithium, etc. to the projects that are closest to completion, mainly because it makes me happy to help push something over to 100%.

    Unfortunately I didn’t really understand how the various projects per holding work, and really understand that it’s the larger “Special Projects” that need to be completed when available, before the actual holding itself upgrades to the next tier. Case in point, it looks like our Fleet Dilithium Mines and Research Labs are still at Tier 1, even though there are Tier II sub-projects(?) being already contributed to.

    Question: Wouldn’t it be best for everyone to then contribute towards the Special project first to open up new features?

    While I do understand that my promotion to Commander is quickly coming up, and at that point I could ask to move to the main fleet w/ much more mature/higher level holdings, I’d still like to try and grow Epsilon, as I’m sure other new members are as well.

    So I was wondering if we could have a Fleet Beginners 101 area for content somewhere. Whether it’s in the Sunday emails, in the welcome member messages, or a new forum. I know there’s a TON of great information about character/ship builds and what not, but didn’t see much specifically on Fleet How-to’s. It’s an entirely new aspect of the game that I think (unless I missed it somewhere), doesn’t have any real tutorials.

    Thanks for listening.

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    It would be best to finish upgrade projects first, yeah, but they will eventually get completed so we are not in a hurry. On the other hand, to get the gear we need fleet provisions, which are obtained via those smaller projects. Now, to buy gear from the fleet, it doesn’t have to be unlocked in the Epsilon Fleet – map invite to our fleet that already unlocked it is enough. When you have a character in Epsilon and buy a gear from Delta map, provision will be spent from the Epsilon fleet (provided that you have Lieutenant rank or above – access to fleet stores).

    Also, I highly suggest that you only donate fleet-only dilithium obtained from the Klingon tour-of-duty 10/10 reward (40k Fleet Dilithium Voucher). This is because you will need dilithium to buy gear, upgrade, convert to zen, etc, and it isn’t imperative that Epsilon Fleet is completed – it eventually will be finished, but we unlocked the gear in other fleets so it isn’t a priority. The main benefit of Epsilon is an opportunity to donate to fleet projects – with so many completed fleets, players find it hard to find a project to donate to..and also it was a necessity because we were running out of space.

    Also, be careful when you donate to one special Research Lab project – check if it requires fleet marks or fleet credits – you could donate currency that you didn’t mean to donate. This project is a known source of frustration.

    It is a good idea to have a guide for fleet beginners. Maybe we could add it to the FAQ – Beginners Guide, or something similar. Also, Akula is opened for new topics in his Sunday supplemental report so.. *nudge nudge wink wink*.

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    Thank you for the guidance on this.

    If I understand correctly, if I was looking to buy, say something that requires a Fleet Colony World with a Tier 3 Renewable Energy, then as an Epsilon fleet member, I could ask someone in a more mature fleet in the 44th Armada (ie: Alpha, Beta, etc) to just invite me to their Fleet Colony World so I could make the purchase? If so, that’s good to know. I’m in no hurry to buy a bunch of new Fleet gear yet, but now that makes sense. Right now I’m just building up my Fleet Credits + Dilithium, as well as enjoying the Winter event.

    I actually did receive one of the 40k Fleet Dilithium vouchers after completing the TOD, but I had no idea what it actually was for! I just noticed a new line item showing up one day  in my assets tab when I was going to click on my daily ore refinement.

    Thanks again!


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