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    Viktor Mace
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    So I ended up w/ an epic ticket.  No idea what to choose.

    I run a Sci Guy, so I’m specc’d for that, is there a certain ship that has a trait or console that is good for Sci toons, or should I just go for the DOMINO meta?

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    it depends 😀


    The Lukari Ho’kuun is the space dorito.  it’s a pretty good science ship. maneuverable and fast.

    The Krenim Science Vessel is also a science ship, but less maneuverable than the space dorito.  the torp launcher that comes with it is also a part of the chronometric calculations set, which enables you to get the 4 piece set bonus.  so if you use that set already and want it to be stronger, take that into consideration. even if you don’t actually end up using the ship itself.

    otherwise, none of them are science ships or have really great sci consoles, as far as i know.  even the D.O.M.I.N.O. isn’t great for science ships, since it only boosts phaser (passively) and “weapon damage” more generally (actively).

    If you want to consider a ship for other reasons, i’m sure i’m well-documented as having a Ferengi ship on all the characters i actually play, because the ferengi bridge gives you access to bank/exchange/mail from wherever.  just pop onto your bridge, and it’s right behind you :D.  that said, you can get a ferengi d’kora (t5-t5u) from the exchange very cheaply if that’s all you want it for.  so i probably wouldn’t recommend picking up a nandi warship unless you also intended to use it.

    also, keep in mind that using a phoenix token doesn’t unlock the ship account-wide from the event store.  it just gives you a box with a single instance of that ship and whatever comes with it (console, weapon, etc).  further, the phoenix store is available all the time, so long as you have a token to open it.  and the tokens can be transferred between characters on your account.  you could hang onto the token and see if they add something else from events that you didn’t get and want.  or wait till you have a character that you want to have a ship from the phoenix store. say, if you decide to make a tac alt and want to get it the bajoran interceptor and domino (and bajor defense warp core/singularity core):D.  so anyway, no rush to use the token immediately if nothing in there takes your fancy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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