• PC Patch Notes for 10/19/17 October 19, 2017
    General: Dranuur Colony Fleet Holding: The Invasion Token Provisions donation task is now available to Tier 0 Colony Fleet Holdings. Dranuur Colony Fleet Holding Basic Renewable Energy Provisioning project is now correctly rewarding Renewable Energy Provisions. The coffer contribute button is greyed out if the player does not have enough of the required item to […]
  • Upgrade Weekend! October 18, 2017
    Still striving to get the greatest performance out of your equipment? This weekend will be the perfect time to apply Tech Upgrades to your gear, as we’re doubling the amount of Technology Points earned from each one applied! From Thursday, October 19th at 8AM PST to October 23rd at 10AM PST, every Tech Upgrade used will apply twice as […]
  • The Miracle Worker Mega Bundle Stats! October 17, 2017
    The most resilient power conduits, a reinforced main deflector dish, ample nacelles, and much more – the Miracle Worker starship is the dream of the modern day Engineer, given shape by the greatest shipyards currently operating. These power-gorged vessels may not be the most maneuverable starships of the modern era, nor generally considered the prettiest, […]