• Save 20% on Keys for 24 Hours! March 14, 2019
    Temporal Anomalies have opened a hole to an alternate universe, one with a fantastic sale, Captains. But this Flash Sale will only be available for a limited time – from 12pm 3/14 - 12pm 3/15 PT, on PC. Hurry and grab yourself some items at a one of our largest discounts ever, before the portal shuts […]
  • Peril over Pahvo! March 14, 2019
    The planet Pahvo has been a flashpoint of late, particularly after a recent trans-dimensional temporal event. Forces from the year 2256 (and two universes) have found their way to Pahvo through spatial aftershocks, and are hell-bent on conquering the enigmatic world. In Peril Over Pahvo, a new Featured Task Force Operation, five Alliance captains will […]
  • PC Patch Notes for 3/14/19 March 14, 2019
    General: The Legacy of Romulus starter pack now correctly unlocks for the whole account when purchased or when received with a promo. The Centaur-Class starship has been completely remodeled with new visuals. For more information, please visit the “Updates to the Centaur Class” blog at: UI: Reputation UI now displays unique reputation commodity inventory […]