The Mighty 44th




Established 2375, the Mighty 44th was the last known fleet created to defend the Federation during the last Dominion war. With Starfleet’s limited resources, the 44th was created with the elite of starship captains, leadership, and crew. When tension between the Federation and Klingon Empire rose to an all time high, the 44th was once again asked to take up its charge as a fully operational Federation starfleet, and with a full complement of escorts, cruisers, and science vessels under its command the Mighty 44th surged once again to maintain peace and seek out new life and new civilizations.

Formally established in 2010 the 44th Fleet is one of the oldest established fleets in Star Trek Online.



To the Command Staff, real leadership means unlocking people’s potential to become the best they can be. As for our tasks, we coordinate the three 44th Fleets so they function as a single united force. We lead, guide, advice, train, if necessary discipline, but especially listen to a very diverse group of captains, assuring that each individual can act at peak performance.

Currently the Mighty 44th is under direct command of Fleet-Admirals Marcase and Sargon acting as Commanders-in-Chief, supported by Vice-Admirals and Commodores running day-to-day operations.

Our motto is “No man left behind”, everyone matters.

44th FLEET (Federation)

This fleet has but one primary objective. Protect the Federation from all threats, both foreign and domestic. The mainstay of the 44th, this fleet has a fully operational Tier V fleet starbase and Tier III mine, embassy and spire facilities, all well stocked with numerous fleet provisions.
However, these mean nothing without the valiant men and women who use them and these resources are there solely to support the veterans of the 44th in their duties.
Whatever the situation, we’re prepared.

Our motto is “First in and Last out”.



Everchanging threats and shifting alliances created the opportunity for elements of the Klingon Defense Force and Romulan Armada to join forces in the fight against innumerable foes. As the vanguard of our alliance, the 44th Assault Squadron has its own Tier V Klingon fleet starbase and Tier III support facilities which allow a massive fleet of capital warships to defend our common interests in the known galaxy. The Federation and KDF fleets are fully integrated and act as a single force wherever possible with no distinction between factions.

The Squadrons motto is “Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam – SoHvaD!”

(“Today is a good day to die – for you!”)


44th DELTA FLEET (Federation)

Formed prior to the discovery of the Delta Quadrant gateway, this fleet was quickly renamed 44th Delta Fleet and tasked to accept an influx of new captains, ships and resources to support the Federations mandate to explore strange, new worlds in the large Delta Quadrant expanse. A forward fleet starbase and supporting facilities were quickly established and veterans and junior members rallied to build up and expand a Federation presence.

As our newest element, Delta Fleet will continue to explore new worlds, research new discoveries, and develop new technologies to advance our objectives. While our curiosity drives us, the unknown keeps us going. We also provide the 44th with support on diplomatic resolutions, and a multitude of different operations. Our mission is to research and explore, our goal is to discover and adapt. We chart the unknown, and research new ideas.