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    @Shade wrote:

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    @Shade wrote:

    Yeh, I was gonna mention that too, as nothing for me either, although I did 2 Tholian ground missions, and easily spend over an hour on Tribble…..

    Hopefully will turn up soon….a Breen Doff, very nice:)

    Still cant get in, managed to play for about 15 mins before getting kicked, am now just hanging on the ‘Connecting to Login Server’.

    So i wasn’t the only one that got on straight after the shard maintenance. Did u manage to make it to our starbase?

    Yep, managed to get to our starbase and run about a bit, and also get a Duty watch officer mission…a bit of a lame one, find the missing Datapad on the base.

    Was exploring the base when the server went down again.

    Hmm that officer of the watch gave me a completely different mission, it must be random missions that you get for that daily then? I had to request certain items from 5 freighters using the computer console in that room, as i wrote in another post i mentioned that i completed it but couldn’t hand it in. So what did he give you then? Find a missing datapad on the starbase? That would be good if that officer gave out random different missions then, would mix things up a bit and get rid of it becoming repetitive.

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    The Fleet Duty Watch Mission do seem to be random, as someone else mentioned shooting down a Klingon ship for their Duty watch mission. It would seem to be random different mission types, including Space and non combat missions. Thats good as it should keep things interesting

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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