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    • Real name: [Redacted]
    • Age: 18
    • Location: PDT/PST
    • Characters: Metaljackal4583@Metaljackal
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    • Why join the Mighty 44th? I want to join a fleet in Star trek online I hope to learn about the endgame aspect of the game since it is probably time for me to do it anyway. Moreover I see that this fleet has a discord server with a casual tag in it. I am looking for an active casual experience in the star trek online community along with people that can help me and probably assist me in my growth. Milsim is not my kind of vibe however when there is a fleet I do understand that comms clearness must be maintained to avoid miscommunication and maintain the chain of command. Outside of such scenarios I hope that this fleet can provide the casual experience that I am looking for. I have read the rules and there is a rule about greeding a reward. I currently do not understand this concept of the game yet. If accepted will definitely ask
    • Tell us about yourself: Hello I am Metaljackal, I’d rather not reveal my real name, or be called by it without my consent. However due to the application I have to. I am currently in the US. though I am not from the US. I started playing STO in 2016 along with my brother. I then stopped playing for about 5 years. I stopped playing after a christmas event back then. Now I am revisiting it again. I am greeted with my old account an admiral character. Although I do have some T6 ships and are admiral I can still be reconsidered as a newbie.
    • Do you accept the rules and regulations? Yes
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