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Welcome     To Starbase 817: Eden. The 44th fleet was established in response to the Dominion attacks in the 24th century. Today under the threat of the Borg and Klingon incursion, the 44th Fleet continues to serve Starfleet's need for security.
Fleet Info     The 44th Fleet is part of the greater Star Trek Online community. Established before beta even started, the 44th Fleet has a rich history of exploring where no man has gone before.  
Applicants   If you wish to join our ranks, please take the time to read the Rules and Regulations, About Us and Fleet section of our website. Register yourself on our website and then post an application on the forums using the posted guidelines. We thank you for your interest in the Mighty 44th.
Fleet Embassy   44th Fleet is open for establishing friendly relations with other fleets. Contact us to for more details and information.
Star Trek Online   Star Trek Online is a massive multiplayer game from Cryptic Studios based in the Star Trek Universe. Set in the 25th Century, the Federation faces threats from new and old enemies alike. Will you be there to respond?







Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the fleet website please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it