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  • Save 20% on Keys for 24 Hours! March 14, 2019
    Temporal Anomalies have opened a hole to an alternate universe, one with a fantastic sale, Captains. But this Flash Sale will only be available for a limited time – from 12pm 3/14 - 12pm 3/15 PT, on PC. Hurry and grab yourself some items at a one of our largest discounts ever, before the portal shuts […]
  • Peril over Pahvo! March 14, 2019
    The planet Pahvo has been a flashpoint of late, particularly after a recent trans-dimensional temporal event. Forces from the year 2256 (and two universes) have found their way to Pahvo through spatial aftershocks, and are hell-bent on conquering the enigmatic world. In Peril Over Pahvo, a new Featured Task Force Operation, five Alliance captains will […]
  • PC Patch Notes for 3/14/19 March 14, 2019
    General: The Legacy of Romulus starter pack now correctly unlocks for the whole account when purchased or when received with a promo. The Centaur-Class starship has been completely remodeled with new visuals. For more information, please visit the “Updates to the Centaur Class” blog at: UI: Reputation UI now displays unique reputation commodity inventory […]
  • The Tzenkethi are Cleansing the Galaxy! March 13, 2019
    The Tzenkethi are not known for making idle threats. They promised that they would return with better weapons, and return, they did. The Tzenkethi Red Alert is a space-based 5v5 Red Alert-style queue in the Alpha Quadrant. The Tzenkethi have found a new way to Protomatter-bomb planets and it’s up to you to stop them. […]
  • Updates to the Centaur Class March 13, 2019
    The ship art team is pleased to present completely remodeled visuals for the Centaur-class starship, a visual variant for Starfleet’s T1 Light Cruiser and T6 Advanced Light Cruiser. These new visuals, created by ship artist Ian Richards, are a free and universal update which will replace the original model of the ship for any Light […]
  • Redesigning the Character Creator March 7, 2019
    Hey there - my name is Jo, and I'm the UI designer on STO! To say I am passionate about this update is a bit of an understatement. My first goal upon joining the team was to address the Character Creator UI, and when they said I could work on it I literally jumped up and […]
  • PC Patch Notes for 3/7/19 March 7, 2019
    General: The character creation UI has been updated with an all new look and player experience. Simplified UI visuals and smoother progression process through the Character Creation. To celebrate the new UI we are giving 1 additional character slot to everyone. Updated Allegiance descriptions for all allegiance choices. Updated descriptions of all classes, for all […]
  • You Could Design Official Star Trek Merchandise! March 5, 2019
    Have you ever wanted the opportunity to design a Star Trek t-shirt, poster, or more? Us too – which is why we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re teaming up with For Fans By Fans to host a Mirror of Discovery Fan Forge Challenge! You can submit a piece of art based on Mirror of […]
  • Foundry Sunset - April 11, 2019 March 4, 2019
      Greetings Cryptic Fans, On April 11, we are sad to announce that we will be sunsetting the Foundry system for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. This decision was not made lightly; the Foundry was a passion project for many of us, and we have loved seeing the unique stories and awesome content our Foundry […]
  • Foundry Spotlight: [AEI] In Silence March 1, 2019
    Foundry Spotlight: [AEI] In Silence The Foundry is a special program within Star Trek Online that allows users to make their own episodes, playable by other Captains within STO. To access it, open your Mission Journal, and select “Foundry,” at the top. Every now and then, we like to spotlight a particularly interesting or unique […]