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  • Upgrade Weekend! November 20, 2019
    Still striving to get the greatest performance out of your equipment? This weekend will be the perfect time to apply Tech Upgrades to your gear, as we’re doubling the amount of Technology Points earned from each one applied! From Thursday, November 21st at 8AM PST to November 25th at 10AM PST, every Tech Upgrade used will apply twice […]
  • Welcome to Mudd's Market! November 19, 2019
    I guarantee you, sirs, madams, and those that fit in neither, these are the very finest deals you will find anywhere in the galaxy! Yes, you have lucked out to stumble on the best kept secret in all four quadrants, my own, personal, secret market. I’ve procured goods from Andoria to Zayra IV, and they’re […]
  • Console Patch Notes for 11/19/2019 November 19, 2019
    General: Resolved an issue blocking new products in the Playstation Store from being purchased.
  • "A Meeting of Minds" November 18, 2019
    A moist wind blew across the multicolored Mycelial plain, and Amna Patel experienced it in a way she never had before. She sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking a broad basin, the sky brilliant and full of spores, some communicating, some reproducing, some simply traveling from place to place. She had experienced a […]
  • PC Patch Notes for 11/14/19 November 14, 2019
    General: Resolved an issue that was causing PvP matches to award negative experience points. Resolved an issue that would sometimes prevent the game from launching. Clicking on the Into the Breach Welcome Screen now opens the Event Window, instead of launching the TFO. Systems: Resolved an error that was preventing players from receiving Bonus Event […]
  • PC and Console Patch Notes for 11/12/19 November 12, 2019
    Console Event Campaign: Event Campaigns are a new multi-event system where players can participate in a series of upcoming events in order earn a coupon for a Tier-6 Starship of their choice from the Phoenix Prize Pack! To kick things off, the Kobayashi Maru Featured Task Force Operation will be the first of a series of […]
  • Strike Wing Escort Bundle! November 11, 2019
    Starting November 12th, new Strike Wing Escorts are being made available on the C-Store for Federation and Klingon characters, along with their respected allied members among the Romulan and Dominion factions! These new vessels will be available in both Non-Fleet and Fleet variants. Special Introductory Pricing Discount! From until November 12th at 8am PT, to November 18th […]
  • Once More Unto the Breach! November 11, 2019
    Beginning on November 12th, 2019, the Voth Citadel Ship can once more be breached and assaulted, as part of our next Featured Task Force Operation. While this TFO is available, Captains may participate daily to earn progress towards a brand new Featured-TFO reward, as well as earning Event Campaign Progress toward a Tier-6 Starship Coupon. […]
  • Three New Patrols Join the Patrol System! November 8, 2019
    Delta Patrols Update Now that you’ve had a chance to experience the new updated patrol system, we’re bringing three more patrols on-line! We’ve reworked three of the Delta Quadrant patrols and added them to the new UI. As part of this treatment, they also gain the bonus experience, updated rewards, and improved functionality of the […]
  • The Tholians Tighten Their Web November 6, 2019
    Nenid opened her eyes, only to see the worried face of Centurion D’mev staring down at her. “Status report,” she said hoarsely, having taken in a lungful of smoke during the last exchange of fire. Coughing, she got to her feet with the junior officer’s assistance and took a seat in the command chair. “Preferably before the Tholians […]