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  • 30% Off Support - 1/17! January 17, 2019
    Temporal Anomalies have opened a hole to an alternate universe, one with a fantastic sale, Captains. But this Flash Sale will only be available for a limited time – from 12pm-12am PST today only, on all three platforms. Hurry and grab yourself some items at a one of our largest discounts ever, before the portal shuts […]
  • Anniversary Giveaways - Jem'Hadar Tactical Uniform! January 17, 2019
    Happy Anniversary, Captains! Nine years ago, Star Trek Online launched out into the universe. It’s been a heck of a ride so far – we’ve battled the Borg, walked the surface of Deep Space Nine, welcomed our friends in the Romulan Republic, the Dominion, and the Discovery Eras into the fold, traveled back to the […]
  • PC Patch Notes for 1/16/19 January 17, 2019
    General: Resolved an issue that was causing player characters to turn invisible when selecting “Goatee” options from the tailor. The beginning mission of each story arc is no longer immediately available after completing the tutorial. Players will still be able to use the skip function to access any mission they want to. Resolved an issue […]
  • Defend the Kobayashi Maru! January 16, 2019
    This is the Kobayashi Maru... nineteen periods out of Altair Six. We have struck a gravitic mine and have lost all power...our hull is penetrated and we have sustained many casualties. Prepare to face the most infamous Starfleet challenge! The Kobayashi Maru, the “original no-win scenario,” returns to Star Trek Online as a limited-time test of character. How […]
  • Command the Mirror Styx Dreadnought Cruiser! January 15, 2019
    The incidents around Pahvo have resulted in a lot of new discoveries and designs, as alternate dimension ideas bring inspiration, answers, and more questions towards the minds of this universe. The result of much of this work is the Mirror Styx Dreadnought Cruiser [T6]. The Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] will become available with the […]
  • The Emperor's Lock Box! January 15, 2019
    The Terran Empire’s latest incursion into the modern universe was accidental but no less effective for it. Details around the actual conflict are tightly classified, but debris and technology from that conflict have appeared in our universe, much to our scientists' delight. Starfleet, the Lobi Consortium, and a handful of other interested parties have acquired […]
  • Mirror of Discovery: Illusion of Communication January 11, 2019
    The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - George Bernard Shaw The I.S.S. Discovery has jumped into the future and the Terrans have plans for the planet Pahvo. Now it's up to you to stop them -- and their ruthless Captain "Killy" -- before they threaten the entire […]
  • 20% off Discount Packs in the C-store! January 10, 2019
    Captains! An urgent message has come in from fleet headquarters! For a limited time, from January 10th at 8am PT to January 14th at 10 am PT, we’re putting all Discount Packs in the C-store on Sale for 20% off! Now is the time to get all the items you need in a bundle for […]
  • PC Patch Notes for 1/10/19 January 9, 2019
    General: Resolved an issue that was causing the Discovery Klingons to not use modern torpedoes. Resolved an issue that was causing the Type 7 Shuttle to not appear in the reclaim store. The Borg engine attachment is now properly seated on the nacelle for the Dinaes Warbird Destroyer (T6) Resolved an issue that was causing […]
  • Upgrade Weekend! January 9, 2019
    Still striving to get the greatest performance out of your equipment? This weekend will be the perfect time to apply Tech Upgrades to your gear, as we’re doubling the amount of Technology Points earned from each one applied! From Thursday, January 10th at 8AM PST to January 14th at 10AM PST, every Tech Upgrade used will apply […]