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    Hello Fleet,

    We’ve been impressed / embarassed / lol’d by a number of 44th meme’s on Discord, and we decided to take advantage of the artistic skills available in the 44th.

    It’s been awhile since we updated the pictures the main page of our website (Gorn/Welcome/Fleet info etc), and we like to update them to advertise for a special recruitement and special fleet PvP event. If anyone has interest in having their pictures proudly displayed on our website and earn a special forum ribbon, not to mention the eternal glory that comes with it, let us know here, on Discord or via pm. You may also be listed on the main officers page as website contributor/artist.

    We’re looking for a picture and/or banners; a clear “Join Us!” picture that aims to welcome new potential members, a special one aimed at real life veterans thanking them for their service and offering a relaxed gaming environment, and one that brings attention to the coming 2018 “44th Red Squad” Fleet space/ground PvP event. Perhaps one or two more generic 44th one(s) would be welcome as well.

    This is not a contest; anyone can contribute one or more pictures or banners, and the 44th command staff will pick and choose the ones that will be eventually be posted. There is no real timelimit, in fact it would be nice to have a new relevant picture every few months or so, just to keep it fresh and interesting.

    Any submitted banners should ideally have a height of 90 px and no more than 728 px wide.