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    I am brand new to the fleet and somewhat new to STO.  These guides are great.  I applaud you for taking to time to create these and your willingness to share.  You are amazing.

    I will be scouring through all of these.

    Thanks for your work.  It is much appreciated.

    aka @thraxin#7901

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    Not a problem my friend! Enjoy!

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    Hi there!  Your FAQ has been super helpful as I’m just starting out.  I am trying to read this guide, but when I go into each one and click “read more” the page just refreshes and doesn’t take me anywhere.  Am I missing something?

    Thank you for your hard work!

    aka @flyguybc

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    Since it’s a mechanics guide, all of the substance of the guide is in our “builds, powers, and mechanics” section of the site. This means you have to be a member of the 44th fleet to read it. Consider submitting an application and joining us here.

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    Paradoxical, just want to say thanks for putting all this together. There is so much to the game to learn.

    aka @nine#7682

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    I am blown away by the content put out by this fleet! You guys are amazing.

    aka @7thFleet in-game (djnoe85 on this forum)

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    wow very detailed. thanks again for the advice/tips.

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    These and the basics guides have been super helpful!  Thank you so much for posting this work!

    aka @graylion#2517

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    Thank you for your hard work. These were really helpful.

    aka @mehmedbb#7310



    I can’t open ANY section of the guide. It will let me click on a section and then it will give me the first three paragraphs and then I’ll have to click “read more” but the link does not lead anywhere.

    Thank you guys in advance for The help because this guide is the easiest I’ve found online to understand!

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    Hi Linebeck1, some parts of this website are members only.

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    Thanks a bunch for this. I’m a new player and this is really helpful.

    aka @ghsthntr#4550

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    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I found it very helpful.

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