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    All your ships added to the list – USS Stewart classified as Sutherland, USS Oberon classified as Valiant – pls check their links if it’s their proper class.

    We still need their NCC registration though

    Cyrus Cian is listed as a KDF, let me know if he’s Rom instead.

    Both the Stewart and Oberon are technically frankensteins of different classes, so counting them as the T6 versions of their respective ship is acceptable, and that is what they are linked as.

    Stewart is NCC – 93201

    Oberon is NCC – 710147

    And Cyrus Cian is KDF.

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    Chase Quinnell
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    44th Delta Fleet

    RRW Ten’gewek / D’Khellra class Warbird Battlecruiser / Commander Donaris

    Dr Neir
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    Update, changed ship.

    44th Delta

    Temple-Fyre – Herald Vonph Dreadnought Carrier

    Currently testing as Torp Boat.


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    aka @dr_neir

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    A Vonph as a torp boat ? Interesting… Is that the grab/hold by tractor beam/grav well variant, then leech and Torp hammering build ?

    Changed Eclipse to Vonph, thank you.

    Fleet Ship Registry Ribbon can still be earned fleet, see this thread.

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Dr Neir
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    Been testing the pets, seems they will fight at 15k range. Looking at hull/shielding tank. Thinking about possibly looking at support mods. But in general game doesnt reward this. Havent even looked to see if there are bonuses to ramp up others DPS. All just playing around, getting better dps than expected. Using Anchor and the backup skills to self heal hull/shields.


    aka @dr_neir

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    44th Delta:

    U.S.S. Norfolk – NCC 1902 – Constitution Class Temporal Light Cruiser – Captain Celera McCall

    U.S.S. Bounty – NCC 1784 – Esquiline Class Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer – Capain H’Suki

    I’ll add my other alts when I can decide which ship he wants and when she finally gets to 60 🙂

    aka @chippa1902

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    USS Valkyrie / NCC-90104 / Presidio Tactical Battlecruiser / Capt. Loki

    RRW Raseri / Khopesh Tactical Dreadnought / Capt. Volaus

    Loki - Inspired lunacy, est 1973


    U.S.S September / NX 94625 / Odyssey Star Cruiser / Veratisu

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    Founder 44th Delta FleetTeam Player

    Ships included, new ribbons awarded. Thanks captains !

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

Viewing 9 posts - 106 through 114 (of 114 total)

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