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    Captain Huckabee
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    Mehrunes, I need your ship class as well. Is it the Galaxy-X or Yamato?

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    Modified my ship choice Huckabee

    "There's coffee in that nebula." - Captain Janeway, "The Cloud"
    Thrawn@Saborstrike (Federation)
    Karrov@Saborstrike (Klingon)
    Mehrunes@Saborstrike (Romulan)

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    I derped, Huckabee. I meant to mark it as the Dyson Reconnaissance Destroyer WARBIRD, not the Klingon version. My bad. It’s called… Harpia class.

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    44th Fleet:

    U.S.S. Vindicta / NCC-92962 – Intel Dreadnought Cruiser/ Capt. Drake


    aka @silvershadow#5602

    Captain Huckabee
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    Updated – minus Marcase Delta, Paradox Delta, and Stompar’s other ships

    Chief Engineer

    You want alts too? Hmm…I’m something of an altoholic, so that’s a pretty long list. Please feel free to trim the list to a reasonable size (eg, 1 character) — these are roughly in the order that I love them 🙂

    44th Fleet

    • U.S.S. Mistral / NCC-421753 – Mercury class pilot escort / Vice Admiral Thylis Vohr
    • U.S.S. Azorian / NCC-40180-A – Eclipse class intel cruiser / Captain Rylla Yilol
    • U.S.S. Lamarr / NCC-110914 – Nautilus temporal science vessel / Captain Toony Yily (Note: Bajoran name ordering)

    44th Assault Squadron

    • I.K.S. Angor / Kar’Fi carrier / General Kurdik
    • I.K.S. Y’Kon / Gorkon battlecruiser / Captain H’Linti
    • I.K.S. Ngoltara / Klavek pilot raptor / Captain Karkon
    • R.R.W. Hadargeros / Malem warbird / Captain Zdekzukaon
    • I.K.S. Bar’Kuk / Eternal science vessel / Captain Two of Seven

    44th Delta Fleet

    • R.R.W. Palatine / Kopesh dreadnought warbird / Captain Aor
    • U.S.S. Carinthia / NCC-93521 – Chronos dreadnought cruiser / Captain Osemgi
    • U.S.S. Badger / NCC-93055 – Ouroboros raider / Captain Sesik
    Captain Huckabee
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    Any alt is welcome!  If it’s a character and part of the fleets, it’s in. The only thing I ask is only one(1) ship listed per character with a ship name and NCC # that is not already claimed.  I try to keep the original post updated so it makes it easier for people to see what is already in use.

    Also to clarify, avoid using the same NCC # on your own alt ships, even with a letter like the Enterprises.

    I’ll add your guys once I get more woke up from working last night though haha

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    Updated and reposted.

    • This reply was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by  Ander.
    • This reply was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by  Ander.
    Captain Huckabee
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    Please continue to post your ships in the this thread.  The other one created (if I understood correctly in it) is simply for me and Marcase to start stream lining the project.  However we still need the fleet’s help in building this list to make it impressive.  So if you catch someone in game, point them to the forums to join us other forum rats.

    Updated – minus Marcase Delta, Paradox Delta, and Stompar’s other ships

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    44th Fleet:

    U.S.S. BLACKMOOR/N.C.C. 25225 – Manticore Heavy Destroyer (T6)/Fleet Admiral Black

    44th Delta Fleet:

    R.R.W. UNDERDEEP – Dinaes Warbird Destroyer (T6)/Fleet Admiral BlackCloak

    44th Assault Squadron:

    I.K.S. DARKHOLD – Duvqu’ Heavy Destroyer (T6)/Dahar Master BlackStone

    Fleet Member

    44th Delta — a few days left before I get to transfer into the main fleet 🙂 and then this would be applicable there.

    U.S.S. Resolute /N.C.C. 35758 – Advanced Heavy Cruiser (T6) / Captain Eamon Fitzpatrick (level 60 but I’m a Captain!)

    aka @DanBarn86

    Fleet Admiral
    Founder 44th Delta FleetTeam Player

    Added your ship, to Main fleet already. If we’re late promoting/moving you just check the roster if there’s a commodore/admiral online (or ask in diplo chat). We try to keep up but sometimes we’re a day late – so many alts !

    Not that it matters much as there’s not much difference between Delta and Main nowadays. Delta just has more room for alts etc.

    The fleet ship roster will be updated as we receive more data, and end of each month we’ll clean it up more (alphabetical order etc), so keep your alts coming fleet !

    "Boldly bashing Borg to bits since 2012..."

    Captain Huckabee
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    Keep the ships coming in guys.  We know there is a lot more of you that can submit!!!

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    44th Fleet:

    U.S.S. Vauban / NCV-501 – Wells Temporal Science Vessel/ Temporal Admiral Rei Pegasus


    most other characters are not finalised but I will add them once they are done ^^


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    Team Player

    44th Fleet

    * USS Shadwick/NX-93942-C – Pathfinder-class long range science vessel/ Alec Noel Shaw (Main)

    * USS Discovery/NCC-91701 – Guardian-class cruiser/ Adam Aaron Kessler (nearly a second Main)

    * USS Relentless/NCC-93067-A – Valiant-class tactical escort/ QoloS (Federation Klingon)

    44th Delta Fleet

    * USS Perseus/NCC-1600 – Theseus-class Temporal Escort in a C23rd Perseus-class skin/ John Edward “Jack” Raintree (one of Daniels’ and Chekov’s time-displaced temporal agent crews, of course)

    I have some other alts, including a native Klingon and a Romulan Fed — but they don’t really see enough play to matter, and probably don’t warrant mention on an official manifest.

    Hope this helps,


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