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    I was inspired by Augmented Dictator Games’ video here

    To write some more lore based off a Old AD&D Character of mine – Brigitte Goblinslayer – and bring her to STO, this is from her real background I wrote up years ago. Please let me know what you think.

    My parents named me Brigitte (after my Mother’s Mother), but I grew up as a slave in an enemy clan. When I was nines winters old when the worst possible day for my people happen, it was the day of the Bear Clan’s raid on us it was when everything changed for the Wolverine Clan. My Clan was destroyed, and all its people killed except for the young, who became slaves.

    So, I grew up hard and strong, working long days for the Wolverine Clan, and like my father I grew tall towering over even most men. On my thirteen winter I feared the worst, given to some male of the clan and be used as broodmare for them.

    But many men tried to “have me” but they soon found I was a match for many of them and my fists could hit like iron, so the Clan Chieftain offered me for trade to Tobas, an old Blacksmith, trader, and warrior. So, when they tried to bind me in irons, I fought like a mad wildcat but there was to many, and a blow to the back of my head sent to the lands of darkness.

    I would awake two day’s later bound to the back of one of Tobas’ Mules, he told me he did want me or anyone else as a slave, so he made me two offers – freedom with only a dagger, or freedom and become his apprentice. My curiosity made wonder why these choices? So, I took the second offer so for the next eight winters, Tobas taught me everything he knew about the forge, trading and fighting soon he became like a second Father to me.

    Then the Goblins came to Tobas’ home, in the darkness night they and their warg’s came in at gallop, screaming their inhuman war-cries. Tobas’ and I fought back-to-back I with my Axe, he with his sword but he was stuck down by an arrow, I pulled him to back wall of the Cabin and stood over him and prepared for a good death!

    It was then Gartoth the Wise and his friends – Jennafar the Warrior, Thorvald the Dwarf and Eldarvold the Half-Elven Ranger attack the Goblins from the rear with magic, blades, and arrows – it was a great battle. And the end we won, but Tobas would soon dies afterwards, I found out the Tobas and Gartoth were good friends and allies.

    Having no were else to go I joined this group of adventurers and we traveled all over the world of Luhn, from the great City of Athorack to darkest Dungeons – but while fighting Kartar the Blackheart and his minions, I was once again separated from those I loved and cared for.

    After Kartar cast a spell, and when I awoke from it, I found myself on a place known as Drozana Station being questioned by a Large Eared Goblin-like being known as Belan who wanted to know how I got there. After some vigorous negotiations (and using most of my gold to trade the information), I found out I came though a “portal or nexus” alone and unconscious.

    SO, I bartered for room and board (my silver and jewelry cost this) and worked for these “Ferengi” as what Belan called a “bouncer”. I met many new and unknown races and learned much of their magic called “science”. I found that what Belan called “Humans” were much “softer” than my people, but these Klingons reminded me of many I know on Luhn even count the fact they reminded me a bit of Orcs on Luhn.

    Now I sail the stars, trading goods, items and something best not mention here in case the Feds are listening enjoy life and paying Belan extra to keep travels to himself.

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    Nice transition into STO.  Maybe her friends will find the portal as well.

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    D&D alts coming into STO? Oy vey, there goes the neighborhood… :o)

    Nice story, I like that idea of keeping older characters alive in another story/franchise.
    I can’t help but wondering, what if that spell Katar casted was “one-to-beam-up”…?

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    Nice transition into STO. Maybe her friends will find the portal as well.

    Thanks, as far as her friends – in R/L they belong to some of my old gaming group – Old as in 3rd Ed AD&D – I would not used them in game without permission.

    I know it may sound strange, and they might not even play or even care, but it was a agreement we all made, I even changed the names somewhat to honor that.

    But it is a great idea.

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    what if that spell Katar casted was “one-to-beam-up”…?

    HEY Marcase how you been?

    Katar was the A Number One Lich Lord in my world, so I do not think he was from STO But who knows.


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